Messin Around With HTML

Whats Up Everyone? So I’m in class today and we are working with HTML formating and sich. Below are the different things I tried out and if I say so myself I was sort of successful. As you can see Snowboarding is on the mind because it snowed like crazy all yesturday.


HTML Section of the Post

Snowboard Slang Normal Terms
The Gnar The Hill
The Kicker The Launch off the Jump

Hey so I thought it would be cool to Drop a word and thenlaunch another one

    Here is my list of Fav. Deserts
  • Banana Cream Pie Blizzard at DQ
  • Brownies and Vanilla Icecream
  • Deep Fried Candy Bar(preferably milky way)
    1. List of best vacations

    2. Colorado X-games
    3. Arizona Winter Break 09′
    4. Duluth Winter Break 10′

    The ways of other bloggers

    I took a look at a couple of different blogs to get an idea of how others go about writing posts as well as how they look in comparison to mine. I tried to look and see if I felt their blog was effective in both their writing and their layout.

    The first blog I looked at the Aquarium Drunkard. The first thing I noticed was that there were a few pictures as well as a the title right at the top. I liked the fact that at the top right there was a quick blurb telling what the blog is about.  There was about one picture per post which is about enough for how long the posts were. I think that this blogs posts are broken up well between pictures and Q&A.

    The posts also almost always include different links as well as mp3 downloads. There were a few different pages that you could navigate between, there were about five different page links which is a good number. I feel that any more than five would be a sort of overload of information, as a blogger I don’t want to confuse anyone reading with too much information.

    I have no idea who Nick Hornby is. There are 10 links on the very top of his page and unfortunately they are all in mildly difficult font to read. After some digging I found out he is a journalist who are written a number of books including Fever Pitch which was rather popular and turned into a movie.

    To be upfront I do not like this blog, I think that the way he blocks his writing is to much of a digital immigrant style. He writes very long paragraphs about things that truly don’t interest me. He has two lists on the side ,one is an archive of his blog dating back to July 2007 and the other shows categories which are extensive and unhelpful in navigating the page. I also think he needs to work on titles for his blogs… “This just in…” is lame I’m not trying to watch the news. When he makes lists he doesn’t use any type of bullet points or numbering he just hits enter for a new line, I would rather see something like this…

    Things I don’t like about Nicks Blog

    • The lists on the sidebar
    • The lack of pictures in long posts
    • The non-energetic super lamesauce post titles
    • Long ass posts

    All in all for me this blog is ineffective.

    This blog is more within my interests. When I got to the homepage I scrolled down and immediately found something of interest. While this shows promise I must doubt its true effectiveness because of how the post caught my interest…

    HUGE BOLD LETTERS(Now that got your attention!)

    Yes, this did help them get my attention, in that way it was successful. However when I read the post they used terminology without explaining the meaning behind the terms as if they expected me to know what a transaction tag on a restricted free agent. It also is an overload on links, there is no actual blog post on its main page only links in various sizes to get to actual posts. This is not a terrible thing but I do feel that there is a way to make it so you get a little article along with you links.

    So in looking at these blogs I must turn to my own. What could I do better in my own posting, how do I create something interesting and yet informative within itself. Please let me know what you think could be done with my blog to ensure that my readers are getting the most out of their window into my brain? Let me know if you so please in a comment or an email to

    Shredding the Gnar Gnar – Spirit Mtn Feb. 2011

    Drove about two hours to duluth friday so I could go shred the slopes with some friends. Unfortunately with the warm week and some crazy wind chills the snow was like glass. So after about 10 minutes we got off the slopes and went to Grandmas restaurant in town instead for some burgers.

    On Sat. my friend Joe and I went out and spent nearly all day on the hill working on jumps and racing down as fast as possible. To add to the success of the day Joe somehow managed to get a lift workers number.

    I’ve only been snowboarding for a little over two months and I did a 180 off of a jump for the first time. This was pretty big for me and I am pretty stoked. I also with only a 5 pineapplehead-start beat joe down a really fun run through a smaller turnier trail… suck it joe!

    As it got dark and cold we figured it would be a good time to go back to his house and grab some grub. Being lazy and afterspending out money on lift tickets we made pb & j but went a little crazy. I took a few pictures to you could get the idea. Double decker pb&j banana sandwich.

    Unfortunately the weather is supposed to be pretty bad tomorrow in the cities there is projected to be a snowfall of about 18 inches. With my beautiful 95′ Ford Ranger rear wheel drive pick-up things could get dicey but I feel that everything will be juuust fine.


    -Joe Tried to make it a smilie face and failed.

    (I also played the kinect for X-box 360 and man is that sweet. Might have to look into shnagin one for the room)

    It has been a fantastic weekend filled with new people and cherished old friends. Any of you had a similar experience? Post a comment about a sweet trip you went on for a quick weekend!

    BTW- anyone watch the show PSYCH? does anything on this lift ticket remind you of a certain character?

    Whats up world?

    A blog… yes indeed. Here I go as a digital native moving even farther forward in my experience with the world wide web. As a digital native my experience, my youth, has been much different than my parents. My sister is 13 years older than me and even she looks at technology in a different way.

    Within the last month both my parents and Chris have purchased a new computer. Their new computer experiences have been similar, both are pumped to get their hands on newer fast technology and both have had to call me the digital native to help them figure out problems with the new system.

    Chris sent me a message on facebook asking how she could get a song that was not on itunes but was on youtube. My Dad called me because he could not find the place on the web browser in order to make a bookmark. When I was walking him through it he said  to me multiple times that he used to know where it was but this new system screwed with what he thought was the correct way to organize things. My mother needed an explanation on how the playlist system worked in itunes…. absurd right?


    So to many of us in the digital generation these questions may seem a little ridiculous nearly dare I say stupid. But you must also consider that without our technology we would seem pretty silly ourselves. Without mapquest or GPS my trip up to my friends cabin this past weekend would have been a disaster. without spell check I’d bet that quite a few words in just this post would have been misspelled.


    I am just throwing it out there that even though the older generation has trouble with the “simple stuff” our generation would nearly be lost without it.