Whats up world?

A blog… yes indeed. Here I go as a digital native moving even farther forward in my experience with the world wide web. As a digital native my experience, my youth, has been much different than my parents. My sister is 13 years older than me and even she looks at technology in a different way.

Within the last month both my parents and Chris have purchased a new computer. Their new computer experiences have been similar, both are pumped to get their hands on newer fast technology and both have had to call me the digital native to help them figure out problems with the new system.

Chris sent me a message on facebook asking how she could get a song that was not on itunes but was on youtube. My Dad called me because he could not find the place on the web browser in order to make a bookmark. When I was walking him through it he said  to me multiple times that he used to know where it was but this new system screwed with what he thought was the correct way to organize things. My mother needed an explanation on how the playlist system worked in itunes…. absurd right?


So to many of us in the digital generation these questions may seem a little ridiculous nearly dare I say stupid. But you must also consider that without our technology we would seem pretty silly ourselves. Without mapquest or GPS my trip up to my friends cabin this past weekend would have been a disaster. without spell check I’d bet that quite a few words in just this post would have been misspelled.


I am just throwing it out there that even though the older generation has trouble with the “simple stuff” our generation would nearly be lost without it.

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  1. Stella

     /  March 8, 2011

    I agree. It is more sensible to think that we are the less savvy generation, as we rely on things other than ourselves to find information.


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