Shredding the Gnar Gnar – Spirit Mtn Feb. 2011

Drove about two hours to duluth friday so I could go shred the slopes with some friends. Unfortunately with the warm week and some crazy wind chills the snow was like glass. So after about 10 minutes we got off the slopes and went to Grandmas restaurant in town instead for some burgers.

On Sat. my friend Joe and I went out and spent nearly all day on the hill working on jumps and racing down as fast as possible. To add to the success of the day Joe somehow managed to get a lift workers number.

I’ve only been snowboarding for a little over two months and I did a 180 off of a jump for the first time. This was pretty big for me and I am pretty stoked. I also with only a 5 pineapplehead-start beat joe down a really fun run through a smaller turnier trail… suck it joe!

As it got dark and cold we figured it would be a good time to go back to his house and grab some grub. Being lazy and afterspending out money on lift tickets we made pb & j but went a little crazy. I took a few pictures to you could get the idea. Double decker pb&j banana sandwich.

Unfortunately the weather is supposed to be pretty bad tomorrow in the cities there is projected to be a snowfall of about 18 inches. With my beautiful 95′ Ford Ranger rear wheel drive pick-up things could get dicey but I feel that everything will be juuust fine.


-Joe Tried to make it a smilie face and failed.

(I also played the kinect for X-box 360 and man is that sweet. Might have to look into shnagin one for the room)

It has been a fantastic weekend filled with new people and cherished old friends. Any of you had a similar experience? Post a comment about a sweet trip you went on for a quick weekend!

BTW- anyone watch the show PSYCH? does anything on this lift ticket remind you of a certain character?

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