Messin Around With HTML

Whats Up Everyone? So I’m in class today and we are working with HTML formating and sich. Below are the different things I tried out and if I say so myself I was sort of successful. As you can see Snowboarding is on the mind because it snowed like crazy all yesturday.


HTML Section of the Post

Snowboard Slang Normal Terms
The Gnar The Hill
The Kicker The Launch off the Jump

Hey so I thought it would be cool to Drop a word and thenlaunch another one

    Here is my list of Fav. Deserts
  • Banana Cream Pie Blizzard at DQ
  • Brownies and Vanilla Icecream
  • Deep Fried Candy Bar(preferably milky way)
    1. List of best vacations

    2. Colorado X-games
    3. Arizona Winter Break 09′
    4. Duluth Winter Break 10′
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    1. Hi, I am so impressed of your blog. You did a really good job on designing and decorating your blog with pictures. This is an interesting blog overall 😀


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