Google and Me? Privacy and the Search Engine

Today I spent some time interviewing myself about the internet and how I use it. Below is the fascinating peak at my inner brain. (I mostly wrote this post this was to avoid having to make transitions)

Question: Does the uniqueness of your name make you more visible on the web?

Answer: Styx- a river, a band, my last name. While nothing comes up about the river (unfortunately because its probably the most interesting of the three things) there happen to be many timothy’s and tj’s who are huge fans of the band Styx. I do however get a few different things that pop up about me; my track and nordic skiing times from races, a link to my facebook (although only friends can access my profile), this blog, and my IMDB page.

I’ll be mentioning IMDB later because that was a surprise but the Uniqueness of my name doesnt single me out because of the popularity of the band Styx. While if you type my name in specifically things pop up but after about page 2 relevency to me truly dissapates. So I would have to give thanks to Mr. Roboto for allowing me some internet privacy.

Question: Did you find any information about yourself that you wouldn’t want others (a boss or a parent, for example) to see?

Answer: In the class that I’m writing this blog for we have discussed a lot about discretion when using the internet. We have discussed things we wouldn’t want others, say a boss or a parent, to see. I know what I wouldn’t want my parents to see but I have kept my social life off of the web enough so that I haven’t said “oh shit” and deleted something because of these talks.

Question: Did any of the information you found surprise you?

Answer: IMDB! who knew that the day I spent helping a small film project for my advanced film class in high school would get me a page on IMDB. Although I would bet I’m the first person to view the page it is crazy that I’m listed on a site that I only thought posted things about celebraties. Check out my page its sweet.

Question: How much information about yourself do you want to be accessible on the

Answer: I’d like to keep my address, SS#, bank account #’s, a secret but allowing people to know that I used to listen to the Harry Potter books on tape before I went to bed all the way into high school isnt something that i am majorly worried about. Embarrassing moments or stupid things I wrote when I was younger are no problem to me.

Final Statements:
The last three questions can be combined into my closing points. The first dealt with privacy concerns, modification of the info I found, and potential change in my behavior. While these things show a small window into who I am it doesn’t reveal more information than other types of sources out there. Whose to say there aren’t public records of me out there in a different place? None of what I found is dangerous to me and doesn’t warrant any real change in my behavior. So to close, look me up see how much dirt you can dig up and then maybe I’ll be worried.