Is it Usable?

It is a crucial aspect of web design, one that could be the downfall of your site and that is usability testing. Without doing these tests your site can crumble swiftly because the people looking at it will get frustrated and not come back. This is a part that must be done and will really help the creators get a better feel for what their users are looking for and how they will be navigating your page.

I tested about 10 different people in person as well as over the phone. It was unfortunate that I had to do testing over the phone but there were people not in the area that I felt would give really solid opinions on what I was reviewing. I normally tested in my room inviting people to come over and then when they got here I would pounce on them and ask them to check out my site.

I tested the home page and how they would navigate from there. It was a real big help for me to see how people navigated around the home page. More often than not they would click on one of the links that I have located in my slide show on the homepage. They all kept trying to click on buttons and ended up in places that I didn’t want that link to go. They only got confused about that aspect because the rest of the ste was “really easy to use” They generally liked the reviews and said that my voice and style were perfect for the topic. They also thought it was cool that I tried to add in my own pictures now and again.

I redirected the links to ensure that there wasn’t a single dead link on the page. I also went back and added a ranking system on a suggestion from a good friend. He said, “You say a lot of good stuff in your reviews but it would be nice to have a system for a person to quickly take a look and get an idea for how you review is going to go.”

In the future I will probably do a wider testing and ask people who are not my friends and family. The testing didn’t change a ton but it did point out a few flaws as well as some new and usable ideas.

Here is a link to the website let me know if I missed anything through a comment here or by using the contact form on the page.

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