My Attempt at Being Analytical

Lets see how it goes… ya know…  me analyzing a couple of websites similar to my own. Lets see what it good and bad and what is going to be easy for me to replicate in my own site. What is it that works so well for these websites. I’m going to be telling you the few people who actually read my blog what makes Loaded Longboards, Freebord, and Dogfunk so successful.

To start out were looking at which is graphically a beautiful site. They use a ton of white space along with a huge slideshow of awesome pictures. The purpose of the site is to get people information about the loaded boards which they do very successfully. As far as the audience goes they definitely are going for people who know a little bit about longboarding; but I remember when I bought my board and I didn’t really know much about it the loaded site made it really easy for me to find good information. The visuals really help sell the product and adds strength to what they say about the boards. They get the top boarders in the world to use loaded products, go to a beautiful destination, and then shoot a gorgeous video. The purpose is the sell their boards and the visuals really make you want to be able to do the things they’re able to do. The site is really easy to navigate with a well done navigation bar. One of the main things that Loaded has done really well is to market their boards as the best in the industry with all of the visual effects.

Another great site is and they sell a top of merch. for snowboarders including boards, clothing, and accessories. They are marketing to the type of people who will want to own snowboard gear. The design of the site allows the user to easily navigate between the different brands in order to find what they are looking for. This site has way more information than loaded so the fact that they made it easy to navigate is really impressive. They have a few visuals to show off the clothes but aside from those pictures the only other visual aids come from the logos of the brands they sell. The design is a solid one that as far as I can tell would be really easy for all users to find things they might be interested in. I really enjoy the color scheme so I might try to adapt something similar to my own site. is a great resource for longboarders with thousands of reviews on different products that people can read and comment on. This is for anyone who is at all interested in the sport of longboarding because it is mostly good quality user reviews. The visual aspect of the site isn’t the best because most of the visuals come with adds and man are their a lot. This is one of those things that silverfish might want to change because it makes it seam like they are just interested in making money and not always presenting the best information. Almost as if they are promoting specific companies for profit rather than getting the best name out there. They have a pretty slick search feature that is real easy to use thankfully because they have a gigondus amount of information.

I think from this exercise I will try out the color scheme and maybe attempt to link to really beautiful videos to help my case in my reviews. I will avoid cluttering my site with advertisements in order to appear that I am unbiased and if I do end up adding ads I will explain to my users why its there. The first two definitely are attractive and usable  while loaded is probably the most attractive. Silverfish is sort of like a resource book in the library it’s not pretty but it gets the job done.

That wraps that up I’ll be doing another post soon about my usability testing with my site.

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