Final post(for class at least)

Coming into this semester I was pretty confident in my abilities to write, at least, my ability to write papers for class. When blogging fist came to my attention back in middle school I thought, “hey why not?” So I created a blog for myself using and got to writing. Now keep in mind that I was in middle school and then while your keeping that in mind think about what a middle schoolers life consists of. School… maybe some sports… a couple girl interests… but aside from that there isn’t a whole lot of deep thinking or crazy new ideas being generated. So after about two days of thinking that this was cool, I knew that blogging wasn’t an interest of mine. I won’t say I actually knew but I must have, subconsciously, because I stopped going to the site and completely forgot about it.

Hopefully I dont forget about this blog but I know I won’t forget about some of the things I’ve learned this semester. First and foremost that I have an IMDB page which I went in and updated obviously. The next few come directly from class. First is to keep is short and sweet… although I’ve felt like all the posts I’ve had to do for class have been excruciatingly long as far as the blog world goes. The second is to really know your audience, who am I trying to talk to? This I felt like I needed help with and I exemplified this approach in my website because I picked my audience (snowboarders) and spoke (wrote) directly too them.

My own writing definitely improved but I’m not even close to being able to put into practice the tools popular bloggers use to get viewership. I do not follow anyone aside from my FB friends on the internet. But I do have a couple favorite authors who I reread every year. J.K. Rowling is one of my absolute favorites, I grew up alongside those kids at Hogwarts from afar at my stupid muggle school where they made me do math! Another one of my favorites growing up was My other two favorite authors are Orson Scott Card and Christopher Paolini.

These authors are great at what they do and they do inspire me through their words but what really inspired me this semester was the website assignment. I found that not only do I have an eye for design but I that writing reviews was something that I enjoyed. I’d like to keep it up, the MNBP, because as I go more and more places the more material I’ll have to add. Now my only real problems as a writer come from my inability to use commas correctly and that I’m not sold that there really is a difference between to and too. I’ll try my best to figure that stuff out as I keep writing.

As the internet evolves I’d like to be right along with it but as of now I think most of the innovation will come not in how the internet itself acts but in how we access it. The tablet will evolve to the point where it might be more like a thick sheet of paper that we can fold and put in our pocket. As far as how I’ll be involved… you could say that I’ll be spend a lot of money  and a lot of time learning and playing on the internet. Well as Timon and Pumbaa say “Hakuna Matata!” because as far as the internet goes I’m feelin a worry free philosophy. 

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