Maxmead Fitness

It has been about an entire month since I started working for HU Campus Recreation. In that month I have created a print ad for an event, taken over 1500 pictures (only 50 were even usable) and helped redesign the website CampusRec. Now I am already moving on the another great project outside of Hamline. I approached Maxmead Fitness a up and coming business in the fitness industry that had fantastic information but very little in the design area. I showed the companies founder some of my work and asked if he’d be interested in getting a little help spicing up his current website. MaxmeadFitness I got the news on Christmas Eve that he is ready to go ahead and get cracking! This is a huge step for me and will assist in not only my resume building but continue to improve how I see the world as a marketer. 

Within the next week I have much to do but I sure am looking forward to the challenges ahead. I’ll be meeting with Ryan Mcdowell in order to find out more about where he sees Maxmead heading. I will be sure to keep the blogisphere updated on all things marketing that I will be doing here before I leave. As always let me know what you think about anything and everything or show me a new website that you think is cool!


New Gadget, New Musings

I will apologize to the few people who read this blog for not posting for the past few days but in all honesty they were not filled with much excitement. Today however brought about a tool that may potentially make my laptop a really big paper weight. I am currently sitting at my desk typing on a new keyboard that I got for christmas(thanks mom) that I kid you not rolls up. This was present that my mom got for my father and myself to use with our ipads. I must say the after typing out these few lines that this will definitely take some getting used to but as far as traveling goes this thing is perfect.

The other great thing about this gift is that I am going to be traveling and for anyone who reads my musings I would like to inform you that thankfully I will be able to keep writing. Unfortunately for me though is the simple fact that I don’t really enjoy writing or sharing my own personal opinions to anyone who happens to land on my blog. It is something that I really haven’t understood about the social media craze and It relates to what a professor of mine discussed in class. How people want to feel like they matter, that they belong to something bigger than themselves. In some small way social media has done that for them.

I talked to a friend of mine who is the anti-conformist and sort of against the “man” about twitter because in recent months I created my own. He didn’t understand how Facebook status updates were able to get their own website and gather a following that holds close to 15% of the total sharing online. I thought it a good question, how did twitter do what it did? Why do people even want everyone to know that they brushed their teeth? Good question… I am on a roll. I’ll give it some more thought and get back to you.

Otherwise Happy Holidays and if you have any opinions on anything I’ve posted about please toss out a few comments.

Beauty of Breaks

This evening I went out with a few friends of mine to a bar downtown called Sally’s and it was definitely a fun time but one of the reasons it was so fantastic was because I ran into a person from my high school. We did not get a chance to catch up but she was working and I was out with a big group of people this did however get me thinking about my time in high school. I feel like the general population thinks back to their high school years and either thinks that was the best! or if only I could go back and do things differently. I am definitely on the latter side of the spectrum, not because my time in high school was terrible but because now that I have had time to figure out what I really enjoy and love about life I wouldn’t waste time like I did back then on things I can’t say I really cared about. Also I would watch more football, invest in apple stock, and eat lots of sushi.

This won’t be a very long post but it is an interesting activity to ponder the what ifs about the decisions we make. The main point about this blog however is that when we all as students have the time to go out and do the things we want to do half the time crazy things or happenings come about that we were never expecting and for me now maybe I’ll be able to connect with someone I never really got a chance to get to know in high school. Fall, winter, and spring breaks are fun times to get together with people we haven’t seen in months and I for one cherish the time with my friends. I feel as though they are the things we’ll miss when we all grow up and get jobs. But until that time comes we as a the student nation will do out best to live it up.

Calm it down Facebook

I must say to start off that I really love facebook. I’ve never been one to complain about the “new” versions because I am of the opinion that the updates make everything much more interesting. Now that I have said that I can go into the article I read about the market share of social media and how much sway facebook actually has. From what I can tell this media giant is nowhere near stopping and this new timeline feature is just another step in the plan. In the beginning the goal was to take the social life from college onto the internet, allow people to relive the parties and the events virally. Now it has morphed into a place to share your entire life, your entire timeline on the internet. Before it was just the newest post, now its getting to the point where you are legitimately documenting everything with Facebook. Below is an example of what the timeline looks like and is currently my page. (link to the article) tells us that a study done of the data relating to social media that Facebook holds 52% of the market sharing… WOW. That is awesome for them and in some ways for us as well! I know the average user thinks back to when youtube didn’t show ads, and hulu was completely free (also no stupid ads) but while those were some great perks of the past it seems to me that things will only get better. With social media still on the rise older companies either need to figure out how these new fangled things work or they could hire media savvy youngsters like myself. This article points out a few sites that are gaining ground and gaining it fast.

Twitter- the obvious media tool to be mentioned and even though it isn’t close to facebook it holds around 13% of market sharing. I’ve just recently discovered the awesomeness of twitter and I wish I had gotten into it sooner. I used the “it’s just like facebook chat… why use it when I have a facebook” but its more than that! I’ve heard some people who have transitioned and deleted the FB account because they found Tweeting to be way better. I believe that they both have a place and will continue to have a place in peoples favorite bars until social media is out or the next thing takes over. But until then Twitter is a marketers dream.

Tumbler- I had no idea what this was but apparently people like it so I went and checked it out. My Tumblr Account is very new but I’ll be testing the blogging abilities for the next month or so just to get a feeling for how it works. It feels much less professional and much more myspace esk to me on the first run through but it will be given a shot. I think in two weeks I’ll write a blog here about it filling you in on my opinions. While I don’t know much about it the site did direct me to the article I read for todays post so that is a good sign for it. Tumbler however continues to move up apparently in the sharing market by 1299.5% and wow thats quite the jump.

Other sites mentioned are stumbleupon, linkedin, google +1, digg, and with a significant decrease in use is myspace. It grows and grows and we all can be a part of it. So keep sharing and dammit share my blog! leave me a comment or reply to me on twitter with your response to social media.

Being an Influencer

I was shown earlier today a website called Klout that takes information from your social media sites, compiles it, and then informs you of how much influence you have on the world wide web. Pretty cool huh? That was until I saw my score of 20! (out of 100) The site pretty much let me know that what I’ve done thus far gets me just past that of a dabbler and into the realm of web explorer. 

This is such a great tool however for those of us who are in the business of marketing ourselves. It’s like the facebook page insights but expanded across your entire network of social sites. Another great thing that Klout does is give you perks all for just being influential and being a part of their creation. As I signed up today I haven’t received anything yet but as they said it appears from my activity that I “get it” and my score should be moving up quickly. 

So they say what is your Klout? visit and make sure you let them know that I influenced you! To wrap it up I suggest for those of you interested in marketing and expanding your network that you go and check this place out because I’m sure excited about it what it’ll do for me. 

Finally Finished

Today felt monumental in part due to the Packers loss to the Chiefs, the Colts win over the Titans, and the fact that I finished my last final of my semester. Now I can move on to the bigger and better things to come. The many things that I’ve wanted to work on and also purchase that have been pushed aside can now come to the front. 

First and foremost I’ll be getting ready for my Olympic Quest where I will be heading to China and Great Britain in order to study sport and leisure in both countries. I haven’t been excited about it up until about this moment when I hit send finalizing the final final of the semester. The push I’ve had to make in order to get through these past 3 weeks has been taxing but I have made it. 

It is a relief, a burden off of my shoulders. I read a few different articles today and while they were interesting instead of discussing them I’ll be leaving it for another day when I haven’t been writing all day already. That’s all I have.. Heres to the end of the semester!



Back at it!

Today while taking a break from writing a final for my class on argumentation and advocacy I stumbled upon an article from called, “How to be a Social Media Power Influence (And Why!)” I will be sure to link the article at the bottom of this post. It did however get me thinking about what my personal influence is on the internet and how I compared with the truly influential. With my 24 Twitter followers, 592 Facebook friends, 9 connections with Linkedin and zero people reading this blog I’m starting to think that I have my work cut out for me. As a marketing major and communications minor it has been clear to me from the start that social media is a key aspect in business and that it would be important someday in my life but it took much longer for me to realize that social media was important to me right now.

As someone who will be graduating sooner rather than later I need to proactively begin to approach social media as a way to market myself, my ideas, and my work. I need to take the riens and get my name out there. Social media connects us in ways that no other tool has throughout the ages and potentially it can connect me to people who can make a difference in my life and vice versa. So I say to you internet, “watch out because here I come.”

The article –