Back at it!

Today while taking a break from writing a final for my class on argumentation and advocacy I stumbled upon an article from called, “How to be a Social Media Power Influence (And Why!)” I will be sure to link the article at the bottom of this post. It did however get me thinking about what my personal influence is on the internet and how I compared with the truly influential. With my 24 Twitter followers, 592 Facebook friends, 9 connections with Linkedin and zero people reading this blog I’m starting to think that I have my work cut out for me. As a marketing major and communications minor it has been clear to me from the start that social media is a key aspect in business and that it would be important someday in my life but it took much longer for me to realize that social media was important to me right now.

As someone who will be graduating sooner rather than later I need to proactively begin to approach social media as a way to market myself, my ideas, and my work. I need to take the riens and get my name out there. Social media connects us in ways that no other tool has throughout the ages and potentially it can connect me to people who can make a difference in my life and vice versa. So I say to you internet, “watch out because here I come.”

The article –

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