Calm it down Facebook

I must say to start off that I really love facebook. I’ve never been one to complain about the “new” versions because I am of the opinion that the updates make everything much more interesting. Now that I have said that I can go into the article I read about the market share of social media and how much sway facebook actually has. From what I can tell this media giant is nowhere near stopping and this new timeline feature is just another step in the plan. In the beginning the goal was to take the social life from college onto the internet, allow people to relive the parties and the events virally. Now it has morphed into a place to share your entire life, your entire timeline on the internet. Before it was just the newest post, now its getting to the point where you are legitimately documenting everything with Facebook. Below is an example of what the timeline looks like and is currently my page. (link to the article) tells us that a study done of the data relating to social media that Facebook holds 52% of the market sharing… WOW. That is awesome for them and in some ways for us as well! I know the average user thinks back to when youtube didn’t show ads, and hulu was completely free (also no stupid ads) but while those were some great perks of the past it seems to me that things will only get better. With social media still on the rise older companies either need to figure out how these new fangled things work or they could hire media savvy youngsters like myself. This article points out a few sites that are gaining ground and gaining it fast.

Twitter- the obvious media tool to be mentioned and even though it isn’t close to facebook it holds around 13% of market sharing. I’ve just recently discovered the awesomeness of twitter and I wish I had gotten into it sooner. I used the “it’s just like facebook chat… why use it when I have a facebook” but its more than that! I’ve heard some people who have transitioned and deleted the FB account because they found Tweeting to be way better. I believe that they both have a place and will continue to have a place in peoples favorite bars until social media is out or the next thing takes over. But until then Twitter is a marketers dream.

Tumbler- I had no idea what this was but apparently people like it so I went and checked it out. My Tumblr Account is very new but I’ll be testing the blogging abilities for the next month or so just to get a feeling for how it works. It feels much less professional and much more myspace esk to me on the first run through but it will be given a shot. I think in two weeks I’ll write a blog here about it filling you in on my opinions. While I don’t know much about it the site did direct me to the article I read for todays post so that is a good sign for it. Tumbler however continues to move up apparently in the sharing market by 1299.5% and wow thats quite the jump.

Other sites mentioned are stumbleupon, linkedin, google +1, digg, and with a significant decrease in use is myspace. It grows and grows and we all can be a part of it. So keep sharing and dammit share my blog! leave me a comment or reply to me on twitter with your response to social media.

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