New Gadget, New Musings

I will apologize to the few people who read this blog for not posting for the past few days but in all honesty they were not filled with much excitement. Today however brought about a tool that may potentially make my laptop a really big paper weight. I am currently sitting at my desk typing on a new keyboard that I got for christmas(thanks mom) that I kid you not rolls up. This was present that my mom got for my father and myself to use with our ipads. I must say the after typing out these few lines that this will definitely take some getting used to but as far as traveling goes this thing is perfect.

The other great thing about this gift is that I am going to be traveling and for anyone who reads my musings I would like to inform you that thankfully I will be able to keep writing. Unfortunately for me though is the simple fact that I don’t really enjoy writing or sharing my own personal opinions to anyone who happens to land on my blog. It is something that I really haven’t understood about the social media craze and It relates to what a professor of mine discussed in class. How people want to feel like they matter, that they belong to something bigger than themselves. In some small way social media has done that for them.

I talked to a friend of mine who is the anti-conformist and sort of against the “man” about twitter because in recent months I created my own. He didn’t understand how Facebook status updates were able to get their own website and gather a following that holds close to 15% of the total sharing online. I thought it a good question, how did twitter do what it did? Why do people even want everyone to know that they brushed their teeth? Good question… I am on a roll. I’ll give it some more thought and get back to you.

Otherwise Happy Holidays and if you have any opinions on anything I’ve posted about please toss out a few comments.

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