Maxmead Fitness

It has been about an entire month since I started working for HU Campus Recreation. In that month I have created a print ad for an event, taken over 1500 pictures (only 50 were even usable) and helped redesign the website CampusRec. Now I am already moving on the another great project outside of Hamline. I approached Maxmead Fitness a up and coming business in the fitness industry that had fantastic information but very little in the design area. I showed the companies founder some of my work and asked if he’d be interested in getting a little help spicing up his current website. MaxmeadFitness I got the news on Christmas Eve that he is ready to go ahead and get cracking! This is a huge step for me and will assist in not only my resume building but continue to improve how I see the world as a marketer. 

Within the next week I have much to do but I sure am looking forward to the challenges ahead. I’ll be meeting with Ryan Mcdowell in order to find out more about where he sees Maxmead heading. I will be sure to keep the blogisphere updated on all things marketing that I will be doing here before I leave. As always let me know what you think about anything and everything or show me a new website that you think is cool!

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