Long Flights, Dull Layovers, and Turbulence

From the very first time we stepped on the plane back in the Chicago terminal we haven’t really gotten comfortable in any location outside of our homes in Minnesota but out of all the days we have traveled none have been as long or uncomfortable as the trip from Hong Kong. With a total of 20 hours on a plane and 26 with our layover in Jordan you can imagine our excitement for finally be rid of these planes.

It has been quite the movie marathon however and I seriously wonder how people could stand being on these flights without watching them. I love to read but with such a huge amount of time spent in one position I have a really hard time not focusing on the outcries coming from my buttocks and on the plot of the book. One this that has been a great surprise has been the food that they have served us. Chicken with noodles, shrimp, pork, meatballs, crescent rolls, salads, and even more stuff. I always thought I had heard that airplane food was awful and while this guy isn’t a picky eater I generally have enjoyed each and every meal we have been served.

Today I was incredulous when I heard that we would be traveling from Hong Kong to Bangkok making a 2 1/2 hour detour from Jordan. I guess that meant that we would haves a shorter time sitting around in the airport be man was I struggling with the lack of leg room. In Bangkok we were not allowed to leave the plane so all 14 hours were spent crammed in between two people who did not have much respect for elbow room.

I wish that when we had arrived in Jordan that they would have allowed us to take a step outside I think that I would have literally run a lap or two of the airport (it was tiny but still) just so that my legs could get a little bit of work in. I did take note of a few things i found interesting about the way things were done at this airport. First of all was that when I ordered my KFC they did not first let me have the pop and then wait for the food they flipped it and instead went food first drink later. I have been pondering the thought process behind this way of doing things and due to the small size of the cup I thInk it makes sense,

The other thing is unfortunately related to KFC as well but the wrappers and everything were bussed for us by an employee. I felt a little bit awkward because of the facts that I am used to doing this all by myself and having someone wait on me with fast food seemed so unnecessary.

The final thing I am going to talk about is that in the airport each section of gates has their own set of security scanners and metal detectors. This is very different from each airport that I have been to previously where everyone goes through the pretty singular area of security and then are not required to go through any more. Another thing is with the gender roles in the different countries, they had a completely different area screened off specifically for women to travel through at each security checkpoint.

While I am excited to get to London I think that I am actually even more excited to see my hotel bed and falling right on top of the covers to sleep. The moment of greatness will come when I awake fully (or as close as possible) to see London sprawling out before me and my classmates.



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  1. Bookmarked! Thanks for an amazing post, will read your others posts.


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