The Pubs of Fleet Street

Every single person aside from the two professors on the trip went with us on the attempted pub marathon. I call it a marathon because we were rather ambitious by putting 7 pubs on the list, you can’t blame us though for wanting to really experience some of London’s finest pubs. The night started off great when we got off the underground (which is slick) and stopped by the St. Paul Cathedral and the millennium bridge. Both were truly majestic when we saw them and the look from the bridge at the cathedral was absolutely stunning.

As we passed by the cathedral we saw a protest going on where people were camped outside the front of the building in tents. I believe they were protesting something very similar to our Occupy Wallstreet movement but I would need to double check that with our guide.

John the tour guide told us that they millennium bridge is locally known as wibbley wobbly bridge because when it opened the bridge literally wibbled and wobbled until the closed it and fixed the issue. This has even greater significant because in the Harry Potter movie “Order of the Phoenix” the bridge was destroyed by the death eaters when in shook until falling into the river below. I am here to let you know that it was put back together by Harry and the gang and is rather sturdy.

The Fleet Street Pubs were pretty classy places and I was a bit surprised to find them to be pretty empty. I guess coming to them on a Wednesday evening isn’t the most popular of times. I know that I felt very underdressed in my jeans and t-shirt but the atmospheres were generally very warm and friendly. We did not make it to all of the pubs in part because the groups got separated and my group spent some time searching for them which made me really miss being able to text/call peoples mobiles. I tried what I thought was Dooms Day which went down really smooth with a lot of flavor that unfortunately left an odd aftertaste in my mouth. I then got a beer based off of how goofy the name was… The Mad Goose however is one that I will avoid from here on out due to the extremely bitter taste to it. The Black Gold Stout was probably my favorite beer due to the fact that it was very smooth and very flavorful with a coffee like initial burst of tastiness.

Another great evening to add to the growing list from this trip.



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