What a Wicked Day in London

I can’t believe that after today I will only have tomorrow left before I head on home. I’ll get real sentimental tomorrow however when we actually do get out of here for the hop across the pond to the land of ten thousand lakes.

Today we spent the greatest day meandering around the heart of London visiting many of the same places that we saw in the bus tour that we went on our first day being in Great Britain. We spent a good amount of time in the Churchill War Rooms looking at the very rooms that Churchill ran WWII from. It was fun to hear all about the history of the place and to truly learn about the great man he was and how he got to that place.

We visited a tribute to Abraham Lincoln where our guide told us a really funny story about an American man who was running from the police. There is a chair behind honest Abe that apparently is technically American soil and when he ran from the police he went to the statue and climbed up on it and sat right down in the chair. The authorities came to the spot and then had to give the American embassy a call to sort things out. Eventually he was handed over to the authorities and charged with whatever crime he was committed of but he at least had a few more days of freedom. Abe is still helping people out apparently!

The other event of the day that sticks out in my mind was seeing Wicked. I will start out by saying that it is one of the single most fascinating musicals that I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing. I have been dragged to numerous plays and musicals in my short time on this earth and non of them have had the same effect on me as Wicked did. The story was fabulous and the subtle humor it me right in the funny bone. I love how this takes a completely different swing in the story creating a character that out of love took the blame and hatred so that she could better help all of the people in the land of oz.

Once again another great day in the wonderful city of London.




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  1. Chris

     /  January 20, 2012

    So happy you are having a blast TJ! We all miss you. The boys want to know when Unca TJ is coming home from China!


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