Interviews Galor!

When I attended the job fair this past week I thought that I would mostly be going for the experience. After I talked to numerous employers and had to run up to kinkos to print off more resumes I was really hoping that this would become more than just an experience. I felt as though a connection was made between myself and the people I talked to and looking back I learned a lot.

It seems that the past week was time for the employers to look through resumes and pick out the ones that they liked the best. Thankfully, for a few of them, that person has actually been me! With my already busy schedule it has been tough to find time to squeeze in interviews but nevertheless I am ecstatic. In the quest to find an internship there is quite a bit of stress involved. While filling out application after application can be absolutely terrible, going to the job fair was relatively easy in comparison. I felt as though I was easily able to connect with many different employers and as someone who is rather outgoing I had no issues talking with any of them.

It's like the artist spied on me!

I would suggest to anyone who is in search of a job or an internship that you should GO! I know a lot of students who could have benefited from even a quick walk through the fair. As with all things business being able to meet face-to-face makes everything that much smoother and this was no different during this event.

This week has consisted of me studying for exams, working the REC Desk, and producing print ads for several of our upcoming events, and playing intramural volleyball (at 11:00pm) on top of preparing for these interviews. I have been going through my resume, touching it up as well as gathering the different work that I have done throughout my time as an artist and a designer. It struck me that my resume is very boring and so I spent some time checking out cool and fun resumes on the web HERE is a selection that I thought were excellent.

Basically every potential employee needs to catch the eye of the employer either through their sweet resume our because of the personality the display during the interview process. I am here to tell you that being able to present your resume and your personality at the same time was such an excellent opportunity. So to finish up, stay strong fellow hunters, and next time there’s a job fair…go.

Your turn! What helped you get a job?


The Hunt is on…for an Internship

Just last Tuesday I spent nearly five hours going from booth to booth trying to show the numerous employers at the Small College Job Fair located at the Minneapolis Convention Center just how employable I am. For the most part I had a great time and found the conversations I had to be very enjoyable but there were a few things that frustrated myself and many of the students.

Number 1: I personally talked to upwards of 50 people and gave close to 40 of them my resume. It seemed to me that the conversations I had were excellent and I felt as though my charm and personality showed that I would be a very good hire. After 20 or 30 minutes of solid conversation the employers would begin to wrap up the conversation and it was my hope that they would ask me for an interview but nearly every time I was told to “visit the company’s website and apply online” if felt to me that I had spent a decent amount of time gaining a connection and by telling me to apply online they made it seem as though my time was wasted. If I had known that they would have just told me to apply online I would have done just that… and only that. Only a couple of the booths made it clear to me that they would be keeping track of who had come by and while they wouldn’t get preferential treatment they would be highly considered.

Number 2: For several different majors this job fair was a gold mine. As a marketing major I felt as though I had many great opportunities to network and put my name out there for a position. If however I had been a finance, accounting, or computer science major it would have been extraordinary just how many of these companies would be interested in hiring. It seemed that even places that said they wanted marketing majors were much more interested to know if I was in those three fields and when I told them that I had taken classes in the area it peaked their interest. For those students who are searching for jobs pertaining to law, teaching, history, philosophy, and many others there were very slim pickings.

Number 3: There we so many of us. I felt rushed at a majority of the booths because I had other students from rival schools in the MIAC breathing down my neck waiting for their shot. I wish that I had gone to my morning class and arrived closer to noon, the best talk I had from the entire day with a marketer in Findlaw working at Thomson Reuters. This was easily my favorite because we were able to talk at length about all the different opportunities that would be at Thomson and I gained very valuable insight into how the company operates. It was close to 12:30 when I began talking with several people at their booth and it was clear to me that it was exceptionally easy for me to chat with them. I did not have a huge line waiting behind me and overall the fair was beginning to slow down. I was able to ask them more personal questions about their own experience which made the conversation really stick in my mind.

Overall it was a pretty decent experience and I plan on going back to the fair next year and hopefully will find more success. In the job club that my marketing class has created we will be working on writing cover letters and moving on to the next step in our journey to a career.

The Need to Complain

For the most part technology works pretty flawlessly these days and I really haven’t had anything specific to complain about… until today. My school has this site called Blackboard which is a pretty cool concept for students and teachers to actively share, discuss, and post things for each other. They recently upgraded the whole site so I was rather excited to actually start using it because before the update Blackboard had been rather worthless (as well as very unappealing aesthetically)  but at the very least I could sign in. This will not be a rant but I will say that in the most obvious way a website for it to be effective and for users to want to utilize what it has to offer the site needs to allow people to get on. Before you all start telling me that I probably forgot my password I will say HA! No I did not. When I click the forgot password (because I am an internet savvy individual) a new window opens up… closes… and then I’m back to my error page. This effectively tells me that blackboard is once again failing in a huge way.

Seriously... the stupid site won't let me sign in

Surprisingly this isn’t the only site that is failing me today. I signed up for twellow to attempt to gain more twitter followers and as soon as I’d linked my facebook and twitter accounts to it (so they could bombard my newsfeed/followers with their new site) it stopped working. Whats up with that? Is it my newly installed Lion software or something else? The mystery begins… well for someone…

Campus Rec Big and Small

My current boss Lamar took me to take a tour of the University of Minnesotas Recreation center and to meet with their lead marketing person Brad. It was a pretty great experience for me to see the big difference in how our programs are run and to get the picture for how astronomically huge the U of M is compared to Hamline. 

One thing I loved about the marketing area was that they had a wall that was completely a whiteboard. I personally need to get my ideas out onto something in order for me to even remember them so having such a huge amount of space to doodle and write would be such a bonus. I did find it interesting that the team I currently work on is only one person shy of being the same size as theirs, although we don’t have a full time person leading the charge.

Once we started the tour it immediately apparent that their recreational space could easily envelope all of Hamline University (St. Paul and Minneapolis Campuses) and gobble it up for a quick afternoon snack. If we had even 1/8 the space specifically for recreation on campus it would allow us to do so much more than we already do. But since we don’t it makes it an interesting challenge for all of us involved to try to bring the best quality service and the most enjoyable experience to REC at HU as we can. 

This was a very educational trip for me and gave me quite a new perspective on recreation. I am curious however as to how other schools operate their Rec programs so please let me know here or reply via twitter @TJStyx1.

(check this awesome event out… Battleship at The University of Alabama… #jealous