Campus Rec Big and Small

My current boss Lamar took me to take a tour of the University of Minnesotas Recreation center and to meet with their lead marketing person Brad. It was a pretty great experience for me to see the big difference in how our programs are run and to get the picture for how astronomically huge the U of M is compared to Hamline. 

One thing I loved about the marketing area was that they had a wall that was completely a whiteboard. I personally need to get my ideas out onto something in order for me to even remember them so having such a huge amount of space to doodle and write would be such a bonus. I did find it interesting that the team I currently work on is only one person shy of being the same size as theirs, although we don’t have a full time person leading the charge.

Once we started the tour it immediately apparent that their recreational space could easily envelope all of Hamline University (St. Paul and Minneapolis Campuses) and gobble it up for a quick afternoon snack. If we had even 1/8 the space specifically for recreation on campus it would allow us to do so much more than we already do. But since we don’t it makes it an interesting challenge for all of us involved to try to bring the best quality service and the most enjoyable experience to REC at HU as we can. 

This was a very educational trip for me and gave me quite a new perspective on recreation. I am curious however as to how other schools operate their Rec programs so please let me know here or reply via twitter @TJStyx1.

(check this awesome event out… Battleship at The University of Alabama… #jealous

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