The Need to Complain

For the most part technology works pretty flawlessly these days and I really haven’t had anything specific to complain about… until today. My school has this site called Blackboard which is a pretty cool concept for students and teachers to actively share, discuss, and post things for each other. They recently upgraded the whole site so I was rather excited to actually start using it because before the update Blackboard had been rather worthless (as well as very unappealing aesthetically)  but at the very least I could sign in. This will not be a rant but I will say that in the most obvious way a website for it to be effective and for users to want to utilize what it has to offer the site needs to allow people to get on. Before you all start telling me that I probably forgot my password I will say HA! No I did not. When I click the forgot password (because I am an internet savvy individual) a new window opens up… closes… and then I’m back to my error page. This effectively tells me that blackboard is once again failing in a huge way.

Seriously... the stupid site won't let me sign in

Surprisingly this isn’t the only site that is failing me today. I signed up for twellow to attempt to gain more twitter followers and as soon as I’d linked my facebook and twitter accounts to it (so they could bombard my newsfeed/followers with their new site) it stopped working. Whats up with that? Is it my newly installed Lion software or something else? The mystery begins… well for someone…

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