Interviews Galor!

When I attended the job fair this past week I thought that I would mostly be going for the experience. After I talked to numerous employers and had to run up to kinkos to print off more resumes I was really hoping that this would become more than just an experience. I felt as though a connection was made between myself and the people I talked to and looking back I learned a lot.

It seems that the past week was time for the employers to look through resumes and pick out the ones that they liked the best. Thankfully, for a few of them, that person has actually been me! With my already busy schedule it has been tough to find time to squeeze in interviews but nevertheless I am ecstatic. In the quest to find an internship there is quite a bit of stress involved. While filling out application after application can be absolutely terrible, going to the job fair was relatively easy in comparison. I felt as though I was easily able to connect with many different employers and as someone who is rather outgoing I had no issues talking with any of them.

It's like the artist spied on me!

I would suggest to anyone who is in search of a job or an internship that you should GO! I know a lot of students who could have benefited from even a quick walk through the fair. As with all things business being able to meet face-to-face makes everything that much smoother and this was no different during this event.

This week has consisted of me studying for exams, working the REC Desk, and producing print ads for several of our upcoming events, and playing intramural volleyball (at 11:00pm) on top of preparing for these interviews. I have been going through my resume, touching it up as well as gathering the different work that I have done throughout my time as an artist and a designer. It struck me that my resume is very boring and so I spent some time checking out cool and fun resumes on the web HERE is a selection that I thought were excellent.

Basically every potential employee needs to catch the eye of the employer either through their sweet resume our because of the personality the display during the interview process. I am here to tell you that being able to present your resume and your personality at the same time was such an excellent opportunity. So to finish up, stay strong fellow hunters, and next time there’s a job fair…go.

Your turn! What helped you get a job?

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