Team NFL!!! Lets Live UNITED

This afternoon 23 of the brand new United Way Team NFL interns met on a webinar to learn more about what we will be doing to help decrease the High School dropout rate in half by 2018. We are all very excited to be moving forward with our players and already the twittersphere and FBuniverse have been bombarded with shout outs to each of our respective players.

I am pleased to announce that I will be working to promote the MN Vikings Long Snapper Cullen Loeffler! so for any of your out there that are interested this mission the United Way Invites YOU to join up and volunteer!  


This is what you’ll see when you go to get involved!


As I said before each and every one of us are stoked to get started on reducing the drop out rate and we hope that you’ll get pumped too! Have you volunteered with the United Way before? Let me know and be sure to sign up (here) to help us out! Give me a shout out on twitter if you decide to volunteer! Lets LIVE UNITED!


NIRSA Conference in Beautiful Tampa Bay

When Steve, myself, and Lamar met up at the airport this morning at 6:20 I believe that only Lamar was ready for what was to come. After getting back on a plane after a short stint of being home I was winged away to the beautiful state of Florida for the National Intramurals and Recreational Sports Associations Conference.  I tell you waking up a 5:30 is not a good time for a college student like myself who falls asleep at 1:00 am on a very regular basis, but even though we’ve all been tired, the energy and excitement here at the conference has gotten us going.

It is impossible to get anywhere around here however because Lamar knows about 1 in 5 people so suddenly Steve and I will find ourselves alone spinning in circles trying to locate our NIRSA famous boss. For registration we got some very shnazy bags to hold all of our conference supplies and free things along with a name tag announcing to the world that we are student members from Hamline University. After shaking hands with more people than I can remember I had to run back to the hotel in order to give a presentation to my Marketing Research class via skype. That was a strange experience mostly because I’d never tried to do it and I did not have any idea what my co-presenter had up on the screen. I believe it went well however and while the project (market penetration on Corona and Bud Light) was interesting it’s not the biggest thing going on right now.

As soon as I signed off of that I took off back to the convention center for the opening comments, awards, and keynote speaker.  With Kevin Marbury president of NIRSA leading the way into the conference we had several people who go up and gave short speeches to welcome everyone and to honor those who had received scholarships. When this had continued for quite some time I was beginning to get ansy for some action but around that very same time Mr. Marbury turned the stage over to the keynote speaker a Mr. Jon Gordon. There were two main things I took away from his presentation mostly because he said “if you remember anything from this presentation 1 Create a BFG… Big Fun Goal and 2 come up with your one word for the year that will be your driving force to be your best. Create a 1 word purpose.” I really liked that thought and while I haven’t come up with a BFG quite yet I think the word I’ve landed on is


I picked this one because I’ve got a lot of different things that I’ve committed to and I want to be able to dive in and give each of them my all. I want to not be lazy and lethargic but instead take every chance I’ve got to plunge into the challenges ahead and to conquer them. With everything that’s going on in our lives I believe that Gordon made some really good points in that we should be positive, keep running towards the goal, and perusing excellence.

I’m off to enjoy the NIRSA nightlife but I would like to you ponder Gordons words and to let me know what your driving force of a word is along with your BFG! Leave me a comment or tweet at me. Until tomorrow.

I’m off to the @NIRSAlive conference in Tampa Bay!

I’m off the the @NIRSAlive conference in Tampa Bay Florida. Be sure to follow my blog and twitter to keep up to date on all the exciting things that are happening.

The End of the Road… Peeling like a Champ

I have 10 minutes until I board the flight away from this beautiful sandy wonderland. Thankfully I will be back here on Tuesday for the National Intramural Sports and Recreation conference in Tampa Bay. It will be great to be home even if it is for a short weekend in order to get a few things done and finish up shedding a peeling layer of skin.

The week has been filled with dry walling, beaching, and Wal-Marting. I was mildly disappointed to hear that we would spend the entire week on dry wall because it was something that I had done before and I felt like I had the general gist of how to accomplish that aspect of construction… how wrong I was! While I did know how to dry wall it was not a breeze at all. The mild screw ups and mis-measurements that were abundant made the work move very slowly. What took us an entire week of work would have taken, according to Rob our site manager, a professional crew close to a single day of relaxed work. Towards the end we really started to pick up on what we were doing however and John could probably have screwed in an entire sheet of drywall faster than three of us put together. When we walked into the house at the beginning of the week there were two pieces of drywall up and when the garage door finally slid shut every surface of wall was completely covered.

Wednesday night we were asked to come to a local to church for dinner and because we as a group never turn down free food they received a quick acceptance. We had a delicious meal of ham, scalloped potatoes, corn, and cake with a very gracious group of church goers. After the meal we were asked to speak to the youth group about our experience with Habitat. I felt bad for the youth group director though because he had no idea we were coming and youth group didn’t start for another hour. We chatted a little bit with him and then decided that it would be better for us to take off and said our thanks to our hosts.

On our last night in Florida we spent the last evening Venice Beach playing a really fun game of volleyball. After the rental place closed down a few people went to the shops, the majority laid down on their towels to read or take a quick nap in the sun, and I personally went down to the waves to appreciate the great power of the sea. It was a great time of reflection on the trip that our group has gone through. I sat down on the sand and chilled truly enjoying the sights and sounds of the ocean.

The call has been made to board. Got questions about the trip? Leave them in the comments section below.

Habitat Collegiate Challenge – HU Spring Break

It has been a few fabulous days traveling with a small but very fun group of 9 Hamline Students and 1 Faculty Advisor. We unfortunately do not have any internet access here at the Volunteer Center so I’ve had to resort to utilizing McDonald’s for more than just food (or shamrock shakes!) in order to get this post up and update all of you who are curious about what this great group is up to. It has been very fun, tiring, and painful in a very red oriented way but we are plugging along soaking up a bunch of rays, sunscreen, and aloe… lots and lots of aloe. This is the end of the third day of the trip and after numerous trips to Wal-Mart we have had quite the adventure.

I’ll take us all back to the beginning in the very early morning of the 18th.

Everyone was up and ready for action, well maybe not action, but at least to hop on a plane for three hours and get this trip started. With only the minor shnag of a certain person leaving their Drivers License behind we flowed quickly through security and with the help of some Monster Javas and lack of sleep we managed to laugh our way onto the plane. Of course myself, Mickey, and Joe (the three largest people on the trip) sat in the same row getting real comfortable with each other. I almost have to believe that airlines require at least one baby onboard so that they can scream at the top of their voice. You feel really bad for the small child but at the same time could truly use a breather from the loudness… and seriously how can something so small be that loud!?! We landed, ran from the child, to grab our bags and get this party started.

Through this whole process we’ve been mildly frustrated with Habitat because of the lack of communication and when we arrived at the volunteer center there was mild panic because we couldn’t get in and nobody came to the door when we knocked. After waiting for at most 15 minutes the crew from Illinois State University showed up and with their key let us in the building. There we discovered a sleeping man by the name of Ray who runs the joint. We walked into a very accommodating volunteer center filled with bunk beds in four bedrooms and a main room with dining room tables, couches, tvs, and a massive grill. That night after getting settled and grilling some excellent burgers (made by the bro team of Mickey and myself) we went in search of a beach and some Shamrock Shakes.

The next morning was full of laziness because it was our free day! We went up to Sarasota to the USA’s #1 beach Siesta Key with gloriously soft, white sand, and the sun beating down on us the relaxation began. It was easy to tell that the whole group hailed from the great white north because of our nearly translucent skin. With copious amounts of sunblock on we ran into the sea and joyously played in the salty water. Utilizing the buddy system we made a home base area and a few of us hiked to a street of shops and tiki bars to pick up a few necessary items for beach enjoyment.   The afternoon consisted of beach volleyball where laying out meant landing in a pillowy mound of sand making our game that much more fun and that much more intense. Redness began to creep up in a few of our shoulders and noses so another copious layer of sunscreen was applied. We were joined by a group of people who were interested in playing with us and with the addition of them the game was even more fun loud and enjoyable. With everyone diving, shouting, and laughing the score barely even mattered (but I did lose every game and I’ll never admit to being bitter about it).

After our new Floridian friends left we decided that it was time for us to make the trek, and it was a long one, back to our van. We noticed that nearly everyone was radiating heat from their shoulders and that the majority of us were royally burned. As we filed out of the van there were many moans and groan of recently acquired pain. After stinging showers and an attempt to rid ourselves of sand we took a quick trip over to Joe Crackers for some burgers and fish tacos which I will say were all absolutely delicious. The night was rough for those of us with red scorched bodies but we were able to keep our spirits high.

We were met by our site supervisor Rob who was easily the most relaxed Habitat manager of all time set us up to do sheet rocking inside… thank goodness. We split up into teams and dominated two of the rooms to completion. While we are no pros everyone felt a feeling of accomplishment. Another quick trip to the beach after work gave us some time to wind down, cool off, and kick back.

Needless to say our time here has been fun and while very burned the aloe and food have allowed us to keep trucking and keep laughing. I hope to update you all again tomorrow but don’t wait up for it! While this isn’t the whole story it gives you a quick picture into the good times we’ve had and lets you know that we expect more of them to come.

I’m off to the beautiful state of Flori

I’m off to the beautiful state of Florida for Hamline Habitat for Humanities spring break collegiate challenge! Keep an eye on my blog!

Facebook Logins Required at Interviews? The Injustice of it All!

There is an article from Mashable found here about several employers that required interviewees to hand over their Facebook accounts for inspection. These employers have been state governments  as well  as a number of college sports teams that require players and potential employees to hand over their username and password. To me this is a huge privacy issue and I believe that these employers have absolutely no right to ask for that information. There are many stories out in the news about dumb college kids who have pictures of them doing keg stands, passed out wrapped around the toilet, or so totally trashed that they lost the ability to walk alone. These kids get caught by employers, either current or potential, and then suddenly get in very deep du-du. But those situations are truly the fault of those people who have taken no effort to keep their private life just that, private.

A recent example, while not in the news, happened when I was driving by the U of M campus.  A cop car was next to me at a light and a group of three or four girls were in the back. To my surprise they were taking photos of themselves… even if they were on some sort of ride along (which I highly doubt) if I were an employer and I saw pictures like that their resumes would no longer be on my desk; They’d be in the trash. While there are many people who pay no attention to their privacy in the social media world there are just as many… I hope… that do care about it.  These people are the ones who have been hurt by this trend in the hiring process.

I have gone through the majority of my posts from when I first signed up for Facebook back in 2006 and nothing stuck out to me as bad news. But it’s not necessarily all about whether or not your posts are bad news… but based on the fact that it is your private information (if you have your settings on private) that should be seen by those people you designate to see it i.e. friends or family. A Washington DC Lawyer by the name of Bradley Sheer was quoted in the article several times but this line stuck out to me, “Maybe it’s OK if you live in a totalitarian regime, but we still have a Constitution to protect us. It’s not a far leap from reading people’s Facebook posts to reading their email.” I love his point because it so clearly illustrates my point, privacy is our right and this breaches that.

This is not meant to be a “where should we draw the line” argument but more about where I believe the line is already set in stone. I think it is right for employers to search social media sites and see what their applicants are up to in their social life and more often than not they will find very good things, but I do believe that if you set parts of your page to private it should remain that way. Let me put it this way; would you give the key to your house to an employer so they could rifle through your things? If you answered “yes” to that please tell me why because you’ve got some explaining to do.

What are your opinions on this, should employers be allowed to require this kind of information in the hiring process?

This Will be Quick… United Way and the NFL Player Promoter Position

I’ve only got a few minutes but I wanted to say that the hunt is still on. I’ve got several more interviews and I am very excited about the potential for working with the United Way. While unpaid, a chance to work with the U.W. and the NFL as a player promoter is exactly what I would like to do as a job after college. The interview is tomorrow and I am extremely pumped about this one. I love the NFL and have been an avid fantasy football fan for the past few years. I know that this internship wouldn’t specifically be with the NFL but helping such a great cause by generating traffic to an NFL player’s social media sites is right up my alley.

This is really all I have to say but wish me luck blogosphere because I’m truly, givin it all I’ve got captain!

What is something you love to do so much that you’d work for free just so you could do it?