NIRSA Conference in Beautiful Tampa Bay

When Steve, myself, and Lamar met up at the airport this morning at 6:20 I believe that only Lamar was ready for what was to come. After getting back on a plane after a short stint of being home I was winged away to the beautiful state of Florida for the National Intramurals and Recreational Sports Associations Conference.  I tell you waking up a 5:30 is not a good time for a college student like myself who falls asleep at 1:00 am on a very regular basis, but even though we’ve all been tired, the energy and excitement here at the conference has gotten us going.

It is impossible to get anywhere around here however because Lamar knows about 1 in 5 people so suddenly Steve and I will find ourselves alone spinning in circles trying to locate our NIRSA famous boss. For registration we got some very shnazy bags to hold all of our conference supplies and free things along with a name tag announcing to the world that we are student members from Hamline University. After shaking hands with more people than I can remember I had to run back to the hotel in order to give a presentation to my Marketing Research class via skype. That was a strange experience mostly because I’d never tried to do it and I did not have any idea what my co-presenter had up on the screen. I believe it went well however and while the project (market penetration on Corona and Bud Light) was interesting it’s not the biggest thing going on right now.

As soon as I signed off of that I took off back to the convention center for the opening comments, awards, and keynote speaker.  With Kevin Marbury president of NIRSA leading the way into the conference we had several people who go up and gave short speeches to welcome everyone and to honor those who had received scholarships. When this had continued for quite some time I was beginning to get ansy for some action but around that very same time Mr. Marbury turned the stage over to the keynote speaker a Mr. Jon Gordon. There were two main things I took away from his presentation mostly because he said “if you remember anything from this presentation 1 Create a BFG… Big Fun Goal and 2 come up with your one word for the year that will be your driving force to be your best. Create a 1 word purpose.” I really liked that thought and while I haven’t come up with a BFG quite yet I think the word I’ve landed on is


I picked this one because I’ve got a lot of different things that I’ve committed to and I want to be able to dive in and give each of them my all. I want to not be lazy and lethargic but instead take every chance I’ve got to plunge into the challenges ahead and to conquer them. With everything that’s going on in our lives I believe that Gordon made some really good points in that we should be positive, keep running towards the goal, and perusing excellence.

I’m off to enjoy the NIRSA nightlife but I would like to you ponder Gordons words and to let me know what your driving force of a word is along with your BFG! Leave me a comment or tweet at me. Until tomorrow.

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