Caine’s Arcade: Cardboard Arcade Goes Viral

Being able to see loved ones succeed is a fantastic experience, and in many cases for parents, watching their children succeed is even better than their own success. With this in mind I can’t imagine how Mr. George Monroy is feeling right with all the attention his used auto-parts store is now getting… not from his own business but because of his sons small cardboard arcade.

Caine is the kind of kid that needs to know how things work, he needs to create fun things, and he wants to bring joy to anyone and everyone he meets. This story of a little kid in L.A. is just plain inspirational and to see what a little bit of curiosity and creativity can become makes me want to do something cool as well.


I’ve watched this video several times now and each time it makes me smile. I love that this young kid wandering around his dads used auto parts shop decides to do something fun! This reminds me of those days when I used to make a pitcher of lemonade and bring a table down to the corner. I must say however that this idea trumps mine by far as it is way more original not only that but he’s also making way more money. While I pulled in maybe $5 for an entire day of trying to sell my sugary nectar the foundation that this video has started has raised over $170,000… yeah… that is actually how much has been raised by individual people. The Goldhirsh Foundation is helping out by matching every dollar raised (up to 250k) and that money will not only go to helping Caine get to college but also to help find, foster, and fund other creative young entrepreneurs.

While I’m not sure how Caine’s Arcade plans to help these kids there is a way that you can get involved in helping to ensure that kids are getting a better education and that, my friends, is through the Team NFL & United Way partnership. I hope that this little boy’s arcade gets you excited to help the youth of America and to foster this type of creativity in all. Wether it’s building an arcade or cutting a golf course into your grandparents lawn, (don’t cut it too short or you’ll get in trouble… trust me) kids are creative is so many different ways. Head to either Caine’s Arcade or United Way’s website to learn about donating your money or your time.

Now think back with me to childhood and share some fun stories from when boredom fueled something fun!

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  1. Ann Styx

     /  April 19, 2012

    Made me tear up!

  2. This is SO cool! We need to keep this sense of adventure, fun, creativity and play MUCH longer into our adulthood. When was the last time you got out the duct tape and some old cardboard and made something fun?!


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