Day 1 London – Exhaustion Mixed with Jet Lag… Bad Combo

Sleeping on the plane, when you travel, from what I can tell is probably one of the best things you can do. The time will fly (pun not intended but appreciated) and you’ll land at least a bit more rested than when you started. The problem for my travel companion Mickey and I rests in our lack of rest. 8 hours of fly time from Minneapolis to Paris is a long time but as both of us exceed 6′ in height and aren’t twigs there was very little room for us to be comfortable. Layover in Paris was uneventful although we had to trek through security again and Mickey accidentally brought a full nalgene through and was forced to rummage through the garbage to find confiscated water bottles that he could pour it out in.

We met a lovely young lass from England on the hop over to London who basically planned our time in London for us. Took us awhile to find our hostel, not because it was that difficult to find, but more so because we could barely think straight. After being awake for over 24 hours neither of us were in any sort of mind to understand what was going on around us. Unfortunately we had forgotten that check in wasn’t until 2:00 so we had over 2 1/2 hours to kill. After getting extremely simple directions we immediately had no idea where we were going… But 1 block from the hostel was much to far to walk back to ask for directions again so we just kept on truckin. I’d go into some more detail about this adventure but… Being half awake Mickey and I can’t really remember details. At check in we then immediately went upstairs and laid down in our short, hard beds, in a blisteringly hot room and passed out feeling like kings.

Upon awakening we took off again, this time by the tube, making our way up to Camden Town. Camden was described to us as being very alternative with lots of live music and good ol’ fashioned pubs. We walked up and down the street taking in all the cool artwork on the buildings, the crazy outfits worn by basically everyone, and a crew of roughly 100 rollerblading fiends! Obviously we stopped at a pub called Bucks Head and ordered fish and chips and while there found Mickeys new favorite drink called Ferrari Jack. (Jack, amaretto, and coke) There we just took in the scenery still to tired to join in the craziness. Then afterwords on our trip back we stopped into The Worlds End “probably the biggest pub in the world” for a pint!

All in all a very interesting first day to an excellent adventure!

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