WOD #3: Burpees, the Life-Blood of Crossfit

If you read my post WOD#2: Goals! then you’ll know that my short term goal is to be able to rock a double unders workout without having to resort to those measly single skips. If you’re unsure what I’m talking about not only do I explain it all in that post, but I tossed a neat little instructional video in there as well. Anyway, I felt at though there was a bit of progress made during my warm up for this workout! I was able to nock out several sets of double unders and reached a new personal record of 7 in a row… 7! How sweet is that! I am looking to keep consistency up with this skill and will update you when I see improvements or have any realizations about the technique of it.

Front Squat:

2-2-2-2-2 [110-160-170-175-180] 

For this portion I needed to focus quite a bit on my form because I don’t have the best front rack positioning. What continually seems to pop up is my lack of mobility in a lot of areas and while Coach Alex said that I improved quite a bit after this was pointed out, it is still an area needing improvement. What you want from a good front rack is high elbows with the bar resting on your upper chest collarbone region. What I was doing in order to get my elbow height to increase was bringing my elbows closer together. What I didn’t realize is that you really want your elbows to come straight out ahead of your shoulders giving you the maximum stability for when you really load up the bar.

AMRAP – 5 Minutes:

1-2-3-4-5 … Reps: This round I made it to 6 even. I was feeling very good with a whole lot of energy left. 

Thrusters (95/63) [85lbs]
Bar Facing Burpees

rest three minutes

AMRAP – 5 Minutes:

… 6-7-8-9-10 … Reps: 9+14 So I didn’t quite get through all of my burbees to start the next round. I was breathing rather heavily at this point and knew mental toughness was going to be key in the next AMRAP set.

Thrusters (95/63) [85lbs]
Bar Facing Burpees

rest three minutes

AMRAP – 5 Minutes:

… 11-12-13-14-15 … Reps: 11+13 Was my final number. I wanted to make it to 12 total so I was almost at my daily goal but fell 9 burpees short. 

Thrusters (95/63) [85lbs]
Bar Facing Burpees


Low Back Recovery done with the lacrosse ball or foam roller. Make sure to get those nots out of your muscles or you’ll pay for them later! Be sure to check out my other posts and to look for my other project to make an appearance… Nom Nom Food will hopefully have its first addition by Sunday!

Found this video talking about mobility on MobilityWOD.com that you should check out if you’re also struggling with your front rack positioning.

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