WOD #4: Not for Time

Felt like I got in a really good workout last night after I shoveled my parents driveway for them… the gall-dang snowblower is only operable after my dad tinkers with it for around 20 minutes and of course never works for me EVER. But I still got up early this morning and went over to the gym to get my last workout for this week in.

It was fantastic to be in the gym a bit early today because I got a chance to see the competitive team working out. They were doing some pretty incredible stuff with the rings, kettle bells and 1 legged squats. While I’m not necessarily interested in competing in any kind of Crossfit Games I am so excited to start working more on stuff with the rings. It looked challenging but at the same time incredibly fun to be flying around like that. I can’t do these yet but I found a pretty good instructional video on how to do the most efficient muscle up.

Below is what the workout for the day was, it was different not going for time or working with an AMRAP but this was nice not feeling so crunched to get the reps in. I never rested more than 5 minutes between sets and decided to keep it light for the Hang Power Cleans in order to work on my form. I’m having trouble differentiating the Clean and the Power Clean, with these I kept catching it to far down in the squat position which you can do if you aren’t able to make the full weight but I definitely could do it. This is where my inexperience with these movements comes into play but I’ll keep plugging along.

5 Rounds, not for time:

5 Hang Power Cleans (AHAP) [115lbs]
Max Reps – Strict Pull-ups [Medium Band 12-8-8-7-10]
500 M Row [Best time = 1:56 averaged about 2:01]

Rest as needed between rounds.


Upper Trap Smashing. This felt really good with the lacrosse ball on my shoulders, after all the rowing we did today they definitely needed to to loosen up. This blog ends week 1 of my weekly WOD’s. As weeks keep moving on this is going to polish up, I’ll start taking photos and maybe I’ll be able to convince a trainer to do some quick instructional videos with me. Thanks for reading and be sure to comment below and let me know how this workout went for you or if you have any other thoughts on the blog!

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