Week Two WOD #1: Go Peter!

In just a few workouts I’ve seen my double under status improving significantly! I doubled my highest total in a row to not have my record be set at 14… not too shabby. This workout had a pretty big class in attendance so we took up almost the entire gym during the regular workout. I’m finding that I’m having quite a bit of trouble getting the weights during the workout to be challenging but not so much that I’m unable to move after we are done. This isn’t a terrible problem to have however because it means that I’m gaining strength and ability pretty quickly so that what I was doing in the week prior might end up being too light for me.

In ten minutes:

Establish 1 RM Push-press- This ended up being too light. I had 155lbs on the bar but I think I could have gone up another 10-20lbs and kept solid form but, because I was intimidated by the push jerk we were doing afterwards, I kept it light. Something I’ve been told before that I’ve been keeping in mind while doing the push press is to really lock out my arms up top. This exercise can put a lot of pressure on certain areas of the upper body if you don’t lock out so doing that is crucial.

EMOM – 5 Minutes:

1 Jerk (100% Push-press loading) Same weight as before. We went every minute and it took until the very last one for me to show some fatigue. What helped me through this was to focus on clenching my core and exploding my hips up so that it took most of the effort off of my arms and shoulders.

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Reps for time: 14:54

Power Clean (135/93) 90lbs
Shoulder-to-OH (135/93) 90lbs

When this was all said and done I think I should have gone for 110lbs but at the same time this made sure that my form all the way until my last rep was staying in check. I’m starting to notice that it’s becoming easier for me to keep pushing through these workouts without having to stop for long periods of time to catch my breath.

Something I loved about this workout was that there were two guys who decided to really hit it hard and go for RX. After a bit of time it was just the two of them wrestling their way through the final dreggs of it and every single person who had already completed watched them and cheered them on. It was such a good feeling to be a part of this group of people because I feel like this is what is missing when you rock your headphones at the gym. Having a team like atmosphere really amps me up and allows me to really get psyched about going to the gym.

On another note, my roomie Peter has his first night of On-Ramp today over in St. Louis Park. I’m pretty excited to have him joining the Crossfit community and hope he enjoys it as much as I do. Put a like on this post if your stoked for Peter, and as always comment if you have any thoughts!

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