Week Two WOD #2: Clusters on Clusters

Today I got a chance to try out my double under skill and see if I could knock off my short term goal. While I wasn’t able to complete the workout with full double unders all the way through I felt like I could see my progress in the motion. During the second set I felt like I jumped over a mental block and something started to click a whole lot more. I started thinking to myself, “Be natural. Let the jumps flow.” This helped me pull away from the little bits of the exercise and focus on smooth easy movements. I toppled my last best by reaching 33 in a row, getting over halfway through the second dub set.


Heavy 2: I reached 185lbs today, but I was feeling very sluggish for some reason. My hip explosion through the bar was not as quick as it has been in the past and I was struggling to whip my elbows around fast enough. I went for 205lbs twice and got it high enough to drop under but was unable to do it.

For time: A cluster is a combo lift. It takes the same basic premise of the thruster with the front squat to push press idea but swaps the front squat with a clean. 

10 Clusters (185/133) [135]
50 Double-unders [10-5 double/single] with these I was able to knock down 10 in a row consistently with 5 single skips in-between.
15 Clusters (155/113) [115] Struggled quite a bit at this weight, I had to take several breaks before attacking this again.
50 Double-unders [33-17 double/single] I was able to do 33 in a row and then couldn’t get it back because of how tired my arms were so I finished out with 17 singles.
20 Clusters (115/83) [90] This took me the longest amount of time to complete and really tested my mental toughness in the last 13 reps.


Lumbar Smashing

I was real pumped about my progress with the double unders today. I feel like I’m really getting the hang of it and next time we have a double under workout I think it’ll be time for me to rock it out and do it. Obviously I’ll keep plugging away with warm ups getting the form down! If you read my last post you saw that my roommate Peter is getting involved in Crossfit! I was very happy to hear that he enjoyed his very first workout and is excited to be back pushing himself to the limit. I am so stoked to have him in the regular classes and see how both of us are able to progress moving forward! Hit this post with a comment or a question!

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