Pushed and Pressed Out

So here’s the deal. I feel sort of weird about posting about my workouts. There are so many different workout no-nos, 1) No photos of yourself in the gym 2) Don’t take videos and post them on the internet 3) No ridiculous grunting. Now, currently I’m not doing any of those things, but blogs are so much more fun with pictures… This will be quite the experiment for me to be sure; as being healthy takes a whole lot of commitment both in and out of the gym. After a weekend chowing down on Dominos, Jimmy Johns, and sucking down about a gallon of delicious apple juice its going to be a challenge to get out of bad habits that I’ve accrued over the years. But golly gee I’m going to give it a shot.

Here was the Workout of the Day!

Pre-WOD Mobility:

Thoracic Extension: This portion consisted of laying on a foam roller at your upper back. While doing this you extend your arms up and over your head attempting to touch the ground above you. This helps with your overhead mobility, specifically relating to our workout today in the push press.

Push Press:

4-3-3-3: This was done where we added weight for each rep. I got a few warm up rounds at lower weights around 65lbs and then pushed myself to match my partner who is a pretty experienced Crossfitter. Respectively we went 135-155-165-170, I felt pretty good through the first three and with the last round I wasn’t keeping my core activated to where I would be able to keep my form. So I failed on the last one.

25-20-15-10-5 Reps for time: This took me 11:19 I understand that this paragraph below is a bit confusing, but as we travel down this path I’ll get significantly better at describing these motions.

Shoulder to OH (115/83) – Basically anyway you can bring the bar up over your head that would be acceptable. You could strict press it, push press which adds a little dip to it, or press with jerk where you do the push press but drop underneath the bar and stand up. For the most part I switched between the push press and push press and jerk.
Pull-ups – These for RX were to be done as kip-ups which is a very fluid pull up motion where you time shifting your legs to “kip” your body up to the bar.

What I’ve learned from this workout is the importance of activating your core muscles for stability and that I am terrible at pull ups. Not only do I need to work on the Kip-ups themselves but I also need work on my endurance with this specific type of workout.

To wrap this post up I’m wondering where you have struggled in your level of fitness? Come back tomorrow for my next post and even though I’ll be breaking gym etiquette I’ll get photos for here eventually!


It’s a Crossfit Life

I have been a member of Crossfit St. Paul/St. Louis Park now for close to 3 months! In that short amount of time I have become hooked on the Crossfit program and have found that it has been the most effective way for me to keep coming back to the gym. On top of this membership I find myself a part of a company called Apex Fun Run (which I’m stoked about) that has me promoting fitness and leadership to Minnesota’s young future leaders. While this isn’t a part of my job I feel obligated to get myself into the kind of shape that is an excellent example for what I am going to be talking about and preaching in my day to day life. I thought what a better way to do that than to publicly display (not for any narcissistic reasoning) what I am doing to stay fit and stay healthy. More than anything I’m hoping to keep myself honest!

In this portion of my blog I’ll be posting my workouts, my goals, and my achievements along with discussing what I see as benefits to Crossfit as I progress farther into it! Crossfit for the time being is my focus, my main source of exercise, but at some point I plan to branch out and find other ways to build on top of that foundation. For those of you reading this I also hope to somehow encourage everyone around me to find the place and the way for them to lead a healthier lifestyle. For me this isn’t really about losing weight… although who doesn’t want rock hard abs? This is about being a healthy happy human being. This is about living the “Yeah I can do that” lifestyle where you aren’t limited by all those reps you’re doing between the couch and the fridge. I’d love to create a conversation so if you have any thoughts or opinions on Crossfit, what helps you stay active, or anything else(related please) comment below!