Being an Influencer

I was shown earlier today a website called Klout that takes information from your social media sites, compiles it, and then informs you of how much influence you have on the world wide web. Pretty cool huh? That was until I saw my score of 20! (out of 100) The site pretty much let me know that what I’ve done thus far gets me just past that of a dabbler and into the realm of web explorer. 

This is such a great tool however for those of us who are in the business of marketing ourselves. It’s like the facebook page insights but expanded across your entire network of social sites. Another great thing that Klout does is give you perks all for just being influential and being a part of their creation. As I signed up today I haven’t received anything yet but as they said it appears from my activity that I “get it” and my score should be moving up quickly. 

So they say what is your Klout? visit and make sure you let them know that I influenced you! To wrap it up I suggest for those of you interested in marketing and expanding your network that you go and check this place out because I’m sure excited about it what it’ll do for me.