Macklemore & Ryan Lewis: Taking Your Grampa’s Style

I remember last year when my good friend Joe and I were pretending to both be doing homework in the library when he started laughing. I had no idea that my mind was about to be blown by one of the most ridiculous music videos I’d ever seen called “And We Danced” by a rapper named Macklemore. We laughed at his antics; riding a horse called Tyrone (the only woman he ever truly loved), thrusting in very tight shiny spandex, wearing crazy wigs, and admitting that he “skeeted”, the list can go on for quite some time. After the next couple weeks of showing people how hilarious this video was Macklemore went back to being an after thought in our minds and we went back to bumping the more mainstream crap that is on the radio these days.

Then a few months later while chilling with some of my friends over at Augsburg College I heard someone say that this random rapper named Macklemore was going to be playing at their end of the year party… obviously I showed them the “And We Danced” video immediately and they decided that it made more sense to go elsewhere for entertainment. Man was that a mistake because this guy is so much more than his goofy antics. A couple of weeks ago Joe once again showed me another one of his music videos which absolutely shocked me. Expecting some of the same crazy antics his song “Same Love” off his new album called “The Heist” hit me real hard. The song is all about equality, specifically relating to gay rights, that according to Bob Boilen of NRP Music made not only himself but a room full of people cry. Macklemore puts thought to song creating a message of respect and rights for everyone. In his song called “Wings” he confronts the stigma that our clothes made us cool and that the brand can give us more than just a pair of shoes. While the song “Thrift Shop” continues what I automatically expect from this guy his music is very diversified creating an album that not only makes you laugh but can hit you on a more emotional level.

The top comment on this videos youtube page reads, “A breath of air into the motionless body that is Hip Hop. Hat tip to NPR and Macklemore & Ryan Lewis.” -Lewis Bertolucci. This is exactly what I’ve been feeling listening to this music with a mixture of serious soulful and ridiculous hilarity Macklemore is bringing so much to the genre. I know that I’ve become a huge fan in the past few weeks, take a listen and let me know what you think in the comments below!